Extraordinary Experience/Bako Optoelectronic stunning 2018 INFOCOMM American Exhibition


The 2018 audio-visual display technology and INFOCOMM USA hold at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center on June 6th.


After marching the European high-end market in April , many new products, such as super led TV and diamond series rental led display, which has returned to North America to present rich applications of LED display products in the "World Entertainment Capital" -Las Vegas, providing more professional and more outstanding led display in various fields.


During the exhibition, the design of the BAKO booth have captured many customers’ attention through the idea of "beauty of art" . Our client has enjoyed the surprising visual feast created by BAKO.

Through the strong lineup and exquisite led display effect, we are given lots of good reputation from audience.

New product UHD small pixel led display-flying drone catch attendant's eyeballs. 


With ultra high definition, zero seams, exquisite and realistic display effect,the UHD small pixel led display shined in the exhibition.

Die- casting cabinet&ultra slim&lighter weight design,the flatness reaches 0.01mm level,ensuring seamless connection of the cabinets.16: 9,pixel to pixel, maximum reductive color.

Low brightness with high gray, UHD ,perfectly aligned images&video,can be examined by any professional camera. 


In addition, ultra high definition LED display-flying drone has wide view angles;

excellent assembly design; high precision lock, can be arbitrarily spliced; fast installation, full front maintenance and other advantages;is the best choice of high-end conference room, studio,the command and control center and other scenes.

Led display P3.91 show the “The beauty of technology”

We have two generation of diamond series led display,  the latest product of P3.91, is light ,handy,sample, beautiful in appearance, concise in technology, showing the fashion of times.


The “diamond”series cabinet,adapted special structure and die casting aluminum materials , with exquisite workmanship to ensure seamless deformation of thousand square meters showing perfect image &videos.

More lighter and thinner material,excellent design makes it solid and beautiful like diamond.

The industry pioneered the design of no lines, stronger anti-interference function, higher flexibility of splicing, and more convenient installation and maintenance. 


Dual data connection, providing a great safety guarantee for the display to work continuously for a long time.

BAKO will continue to strengthen brand awareness and strive to create new level in the international market. 

Our booth is in N3569.Warmly welcome you to visit our booth from bottom of our heart . We assure you that we will give the best offer with high quality product to you.

BAKO booth NO: N3569

Exhibition time : June 6th  - June 8th

Location: Las Vegas convention and exhibition center,USA