Stadium LED display classification


Sports LED displays can be divided into two types. One is used to broadcast on live, and another is used to count the time and run the scores. The network control system process the information and control the displayed message, which can provide immediate data for internet broadcasting as well as radio and television.

1. Full color LED large display

This LED display is used to broadcast excellent moments of the game, or it can slowly reply some wonderful close-up views, or show the race in three-dimensional way.

2. Perimeter LED display

This kind of LED displays is installed around the race field. It can not only to run advertisements but also slowly reply wonderful close-up views. These LED displays are jointed with many single cabinets. It has requirements on the weight of each cabinet, and each cabinet are connected by special connectors, which makes it easy to install and disassemble. Every single cabinet has its own support legs. To adjust the point of view between LED display and ground by adjusting this support leg can guarantee the audience a wide viewing angle.

3. Timing & scoring LED display

This LED display connects to the timing and scoring system, and it is used to display the information of players and their relative competition scores. Normally speaking, score LED display means more to a race than other displays. Broadcasting immediately and displaying clearly are the two main points to judge a good score LED display. The display contents maybe words, graphics or videos.