Indoor LED display problems


At present,Indoor LED display has been paid by more attention.Compared with two years ago,LED display technology has developed to more creative.And many new novel products come to the market.

Undoubtedly,Indoor Fixed LED Display has been the highlight of the exhibition.Small pitch technology greatly upgrades the screen's definition.Many leading LED display supplier show their latest small pitch LED display products.At present,the smallest pitch can reach to 1.0mm.Some stronger enterprises has begun to develop 0.9mm and even smalller pitch LED display.

However,from viewpoint of industrialization and market acceptance,1.0mm small pitch LED display is immature.Further more the cost of 1.0mm LED display is very high,due to the problem of material and technology.At present,the commonly accepted small pitch is U2.5 and 2.0mm.Although with mature technology U1.9 product is still in the primary stage for entering market.Besides pixel pitch,we can understand that LED display industry also got new breakthrough in structure.The screen can be shaped into any desired forms.

At same time,Low brightness with high gray level is another important developed direction.Screens with higher color saturation can easier attract passengers‘attention.But over brightness will easily cause visual fatigue.So how to reducing brightness while upgrade gray level is the key point for Indoor Fixed LED Display.