Diamond Series--- Designed for mobile, flexible, quick, excellent!


Bako Diamond series is especially designed for rental applications including corporate events,  meeting, exhibition, public and private events. With pixel pitches of 2.6mm, 2.97mm,3.91mm, 4.81mm,5.95mm,6.25mmm and two panel size of 500x500mm and 500x1000mm, Bako Diamond series is capable to be applied in a wide range of rental solutions.

Support for Curve Splicing

By the use of Convenient and strong Locks, Diamond  series can realize your valued creations by being assembled into concave and convex screens without connector. It's integrated curved lock system supports for +10°, +5°, 0°, -5°, -10°. It's simple and easy to realize client's demand from flat to curve with no tools.

User-friendly Maintenance & Installation

Convenience is the key for rental applications. Bako Diamond series supports for both front and rear maintenance. And the time for the installation of staging and show is always limited, Bako Diamond series is easy and fast for one person installation. Besides, the detachable power box can be replaced real fast and convenient.

High Stability

As we all know, the schedule of shows and events is normally unchangeable, if any emergency occurs to the LED display, it may result in stage accident. Bako Diamond series is able to reduce the possibility of this incident.And as for outdoor products, Bako has provided waterproof designs such as sealing ring which are capable for ensuring failure-free operation. More important, Bako Diamond series acquires wireless connection between receiving card, transfer card and modules. Highly reliable connector with high density have replaced traditional cables. Through this, signal transmission failure which causes by cables will be eliminated.

More choices, more fun

Panels of two different sizes can be assembled together, and more surprising Diamond series also supports for transplaced splicing from all directions. Meanwhile, it supports for stacking installation, hanging installation and L-shape installation.