P6 indoor LED display for Xinjiang Pavilion


Location: Shanghai, China

Application: Xinjiang Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

Pitch: 6mm

Size: 196 ㎡




This P6 led display served for Xinjiang Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo.2010. There were totally three sides on the wall. To occupy as little space as possible, we designed it front maintenance with magnetic pillar. Applying special technology, the showing had 3-D effect, quite attractive. Xinjiang Pavilion was on the hottest pavilions. Needless to say, this display’s good service couldn’t be denied. It was just applied to show Xinjiang’s natural beauty, colorful culture, glorious past and hope for further. After introduction to Xinjiang on LED, there would be live Xinjiang traditional dancing. Every visitor was deeply attracted.