Service & Support

BAKO will provide pre-sales service,after-sales service and training service for all the clients.

Pre-sales service


Fully understanding customers' requirements and using environment are important,BAKO will provide the right solution



Customers can also get better knowledge of BAKO product ,including product specification,product performance, using environment and supporting facilities,assisting customers to choose a matching scheme ,such as led display type,control system, power configuration ,signal cable and so on.



After-Sales service

BAKO offer two years warrenty for the products.

Once the two years warrenty period expired, BAKO will charge the raw material cost for maintance.

BAKO will not offer free maintance for the following circumstances:

1. Malfunction caused by misuse, including improper disassemble ,or testing and other misoperations. 
2.Damage due to the user's misuse. 
3.Shell damage or components damage in use. 
Cost for After-sales technical support 
BAKO will arrange engineers to help with installation and maintance guidance, the clients should bear all the cost incurred for after-sales technical service, including visa fee, boarding fee ,foods ,transportations fee and so on.

Training services

BAKO offer free training service for all he clients,clients just need to bear their own hotel cost.BAKO's dinning hall will provide chinese foods for free.