HD P1.56 Indoor HD LED Solution

Pixel Pitch:P1.56. FEATURES: 1.Light weight & Slim design; 2.Fan less design; 3.Golden aspect ratio panel size; 4.Cabinet with side quick lock & position pin; 5.Cable free design LED modules; 6.Intelligent LED modules; 7.High gray scale at low brightness; 8.Ultra wide viewing angles

HD P1.56 Indoor HD  LED Solution

Product Features

Ligh Weight & Slim Design

• CNC process ing  die casting Aluminum cabinet, high precision, better flatness 

• Light weight and slim desgin , a bout 8.7 kg/cabinet, thickness 73mm


Golden Cabinet Size

• 27 inch golden aspect ratio 16:9 cabinet size, designed for close view distance applications. Best solution to build screen with resolution 2K, 4K, 8K


Cabinet with Side Quick   Lock& Position Pin

• Side quick lock and  position pin guarantee quick installation and maintenance.


Cable Free Design LED Modules

• Module with magnets, cable-free design.


100% Front Maintenance Service

• 100% Front Maintenance Service, wiht front maintenance tool, easy to replace the failure LED module.power supply and receiving card can be taken out from the front side.


Intelligent LED Module

• Intelligent LED modules, every smart module has calibration data retrieval function and parameter back-up function. Besides, power, temperature and other working status are automatically monitored to achieve intelligent management.


High Gray Scale at Low Brightness

• High gray scale & high refresh rate at even low brightness, even in low brightness environment, can display excellent image. Superior display effect of broadcast level.

Ultra Wide View Angles

• Wide viewing angle 160° horizontal and 140° vertical, brings excellent visual experience.  


•Public Safety Command Center, control room, TV station etc.

Technical Parameters

Pixel pitchP1.56
LED packageSMD1010
Module size (mm)300*168
Module Pixel(dot)192*108
Cabinet size (mm)600*337
Cabinet Pixel(dot)384*216
Brightness 600-800 nits
Scan mode1/27