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BAKO introduces new die-casting aluminum cabinet for rental issues


Diamond, is widely recognized as the king of precious stones, it come from greek "Adamant",with implication for the inviolability of hard substance.

Today, the Sixth generation of Rental LED Display from BAKO Optolectronics, which have Eleven years experiences in R&D, Production of LED Screen, are named with Diamond Series. It will improve the reputation of Chinese LED Display by changing the condition of Low price with Poor quality.


Premium quality as Diamond lead the new trend of Rental LED Display    


BAKO Name the new Designed Die-Cast Aluminum as “Diamond” with below reasons:

1- The Design inspiration for Lines of Rear side of Cabinet, originate from Beautiful, blooming “Diamond”. It got positive feedback  from world named Professional Rental LED Display Company since the Design Draft came out. 

2- Just as Diamond is widely known as the hardest material existed, BAKO Diamond series Rental cabinet have the similar   

Strength and hardness with special structure and die-cast aluminum crafts. It ensure no phenomenon of deform when splice large

LED Screen. Nowadays, under the trends of lightweight for Rental product, BAKO “Diamond “ Series Provide the Ideal solution, achieve no deform even thousands of square meters. 


BAKO Diamond Series Rental Product details


 Spotlight for the six big advantages:

●Convenientl Front/ Rear Maintenance; within several seconds can solve the problem by Front/ Rear maintenance.

●Innovation design-cableless , there is no power & signal cable between module and cabinet, to ensure better flexibility, Anti-jamming capability and reach high grey, more than 3000HZ refresh rate.

●Signal Back-up, double router signal input can detect signal integrity automatically.

●One key test, with the test button on the The LCD Panel of the cabinet can show the current working condition of temperature, voltage, signal etc.    

●Seamless splice, the deviation are controlled within 0.05mm, By applying CNC precision digital processing between module and cabinet,it can achieve seamless splice with any size.

Standard cabinet design 500*500, it suitable for P3.91, P4.81, P6.25, to meet client needs for different pixel pitch. Besides, P4.81, P6.25 satisfy to cut the purchasing cost by common using in indoor & outdoor.

Double gurantee with Expanding production ability and outstanding Three product series.

As one of the three competitive product series, Diamond series is surely to be the sword of opening up mid-high end Rental Stage LED Display. 

March, 2016, The new added SMD Taping machine from Japan Panasonic, would increase the month production to 800KK, it means 12200sqm/ month for P3.91. High quality automatic production line provide positive lead time.

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